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The Thinking Drummer: Everything You Think Is Hard Will Eventually Be Easy

I’ve been practicing a lot lately. Today, I sat down behind the kit after a day off. Sometimes you need a day off just to keep things fresh. I realized how well this works when I sat down today. I was so happy and excited to play after not having played for just one day. […]

The Thinking Drummer: The Case for Less Endorsement Deals

Musicians sometimes see endorsements with musical instrument and gear companies as a badge of honor. The gear company is agreeing to have you represent them as an artist (remember that you endorse their products, they don’t endorse you). That is appealing; we musician and artist types want to be appreciated for our art. When a […]

The Trouble with Electronic Drum Sets

Electronic Drum Sets

The invention of electronic drums is a very important event in drumming history. The age-old problem for us drummer types is being able to practice and play drums without causing trouble and disturbing people. The big attraction of electronic drums is the solution of this problem. It wasn’t possible for me to really practice on […]

4-Piece Drum Set Philosophy

4 piece drum set philosophy

In this edition of “The Thinking Drummer,” we’re going to talk about drum set-ups; specifically, the 4-piece drum kit. Drummers have all sorts of drum set-ups, and generally speaking, I believe that you should use what works best for you. If you like a particular set-up, you sound good on it, and it works for […]