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Your Notebook of Unique Drumming Vocabulary is Crucial

If you’re serious about drumming–really serious–you’ll be driven to figure out how play drumming that excites you. Transcribing is the usual way to do this. And transcribing is easier than ever because current technology allows you to quickly slow down recordings and videos. Your ultimate goal, however, should be to sound unique. That’s the “holy […]

Drummers: Here’s How to Learn Songs

In the past few weeks, I’ve been learning a lot of songs–both for gigs and auditions. As I went through the process of learning the material, I realized a few things: 1) Over many years of playing and learning songs, I’ve developed a methodology that works for me. 2) There are several “levels” of learning […]

Neil Peart on the 3 Elements of Drumming Mastery

In this edition of “The Thinking Drummer” we’re going to take a different view of the levels of mastery as explained by Neil Peart. I recently posted a clip of a Neil Peart interview on social media. In it, Neil discusses why the Rush song “Tom Sawyer” is so difficult to play. That, on its […]

Drummers: Here’s How To Battle Stage Fright

How Do You Measure Drumming Success?

How many of you get nervous before a show or audition? I’ll bet many of you are saying, “yes, I do.” Guess what? You’re not alone. I get nervous too. I’d like to offer you some strategies for overcoming this anxiety. Below are some things to tell yourself, actions to take or things to consider […]