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The Thinking Drummer: The Funeral Exercise

How Do You Measure Drumming Success?

About seven years ago, I found myself at a crossroads. Although I had been playing drums since I was a teenager and had accomplished a lot as a professional drummer, I had diverted from the musician’s life in order to make money when I was nearing an age where one is supposed to “grow-up.” I […]

Tony Williams solo on “City of Lights”

“Tony Williams in New York” is a great DVD document of Tony’s Blue Note era band. This was when Tony was playinig his big yellow Gretsch kit with two mounted toms and three floor toms. He had a big sound and of course, Tony played very aggressively, as he always did. This DVD is full […]

Tony Williams Killer Drum Solo!!

This is a classic Tony Williams solo. He was just sooooooo good. This makes me want to go practice every time I hear it. In fact, if you don’t feel like practicing, the thing to do is just listen to Tony Williams, because you’ll be certain be inspired. -MF

Instant Inspiration: Watch This Tony Video…

This is one of my favorite Tony Williams clips. Totally inspiring. Look at his technique, his confidence, his phrasing…..his joy. Wow, could this guy play. If you are not inspired to practice today, just watch this and you’ll get inspired real fast…..