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Vinnie Colaiuta Returns to Gretsch Drums

Vinnie Colaiuta has returned to Gretsch Drums. An announcement was posted on Facebook and on Gretsch’s blog on June 6th, 2016: We are proud to announce that legendary drummer Vinnie Colaiuta has come home to Gretsch Drums. Without question, Vinnie is one of the world’s most respected and admired drummers. Throughout his prolific, 4-decade career, […]

Vinnie Colaiuta’s Led Boots Drum Intro

I’ve recently been listening to Jeff Beck’s “Performing This Week: Live at Ronnie Scott’s,” featuring Vinnie Colaiuta. I’ve always loved “Led Boots,” from the “Wired” album, and Vinnie doesn’t disappoint on the live version.  “Led Boots (Live)” is a great example of how to approach adding your own voice to a song that fans already […]

Vinnie Colaiuta’s All Time Best Drum Solo

I know I will get grief about this. And I welcome the debate because what it means is that I (and therefore you) will find out about more great Vinnie solos that rival this one. I have loved this particular solo since I first saw it, which was about 25 years ago. I even have […]

Colaiuta Drum Solo Transcription: “Indian Time Zones”

“Indian Time Zones” appears on Warren Cuccurullo’s 1996 album, “Thanks To Frank.” The tune is in 5/4 and Vinnie Colaiuta takes an eight bar drum solo on the track. My favorite part of the solo is the 2nd half. A transcription of those last four bars is presented here. The 2nd half of the solo […]