Pattern Control for Drum Set: RLF as 32nd notes

The notion of Pattern Control on drum set means that you take a pattern you are interested in exploring and then manipulate it through different metrics and over various numbers of measures so you can see how it plays out. The point is for you to find ways to use it that make sense.

I’ve found this idea very useful to my playing and I’m continuing to explore it.
Pattern Control RLF as 32nds
You can find other examples of my explorations of this topic by checking out the Blog Category, “Pattern Control for Drumset.”

This time, we explore the pattern “RLF” (right hand, left hand, bass drum) as it applies to 32nd notes. The worksheet assumes that you play the right hand on the floor tom and the left hand on the high tom, but that is just because I find that as the most powerful and useful way to play the pattern most of the time. I also like to move my hands to the snare drum sometimes to get different accents or play back beats.

Note that there is a hi-hat notated for the left foot on all the quarter notes. This is a skill that is helpful to have developed, but it is not always necessary to play the pattern that way. Consider it as an option for you to have under control if needed.

I’m using this worksheet myself to explore some soloing ideas and I am finding it very useful for figuring this stuff out. This pattern is very powerful and it is not often heard as 32nd notes, although I’ve heard Vinnie Colaiuta use it this way (of course!)

Get thee to the practice room and work on this if you need something new and exciting in your drumming life.

Here’s the PDF: Pattern Control RLF as 32nds