10 Drum Grooves in 7/8

10 Drum Grooves in 7/8I love 7/8. I’m not sure I understand exactly why. Perhaps because of Rush? Maybe Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” is where I first heard it. It sounds so cool.

There is not very much material to use when working on this time signature. I’ve pretty much had to just mess around with 7/8 on my own and come up with my own ideas. That being said, I thought that a little worksheet for playing 7/8 might be helpful to some of you.

The worksheet jumps around from very simple to complex, including a paradiddle-ish idea and a linear groove. It should help you gain some facility and get some ideas. Not a be-all-end-all, but a beginning.

Here is the PDF: 10 Grooves in 7-8

Have fun and feel free to ask questions and let me know your thoughts.