4 Easy Steps To Your 2nd Drum Beat

Last time we worked on the very first drum beat you should learn if you want to play rock drums. Today, it’s beat #2… If you are a drum teacher who wants an easy way to teach a newbie to play a great drum beat, or if you are a newbie yourself, this article is for you. You’ll be playing a great beat in short order.

To review, we don’t need to read music to learn these (although I strongly suggest you learn to read rhythmic notation), and we are only using three voices on our drum set:

1) Hi Hat (with your right hand)
2) Snare Drum (with your left hand)
3) Bass Drum (with your right foot)

Ready? Here are the four easy steps:

1) Strike the hi hat with your right hand and the bass drum with your right foot simultaneously
2) Same as #1
3) Strike the hi hat with your right hand and the snare drum with you left hand simultaneously.
4) Strike the hi hat with your right hand.

Repeat these steps over and over, maintaining equal space between each note (step).

Start very slowly and gradually work up speed.

Before you know it, you’ll be playing another cool rock beat.