Every Drum Book and DVD Ever Published!

I have always loved the Cascio Drums and Percusion catalog. Well, actually, what I’ve always loved about it is the drum book and DVD section. I could look at the pages for hours, and often have. I would make lists of the drum books I needed. Sometimes I would buy those books. Truth be told, I have several hundred drum books and DVDs (at least), and many of them were found in the pages of a Cascio Drum and Percussion Catalog from many moons ago.

Now, just to be clear, there are, of course, many other drum books out there that are not included in this tome. The Joel Rothman books, Sam Ulano’s many publications, and the legendary Jim Blackley drum books are not available through this catalog. However, almost everything else in print IS.

So, browse….enjoy! Below are the 13 pages of the latest drum book and dvd section from the Cascio catalog.

Books about drums….what could be better!!??