Chris Coleman Paradiddle Soloing Idea

I’ve been getting into Chris Coleman lately. While watching one of his solos, I noticed him playing something familiar but with a really cool twist. I had never thought of doing what he did, and so I figured I would share it with you.

Check out the video. At 3:23, Chris blazes paradiddles phrased as 16th note triplets. The tempo is 145 bpm. The phrasing is cool, but I’m sure many of us have thought of that before. But, next, he adds the bass drum on the fourth note of each paradiddle. It’s not a substitution; he continues to play all the notes of the paradiddles.

But those extra bass drum notes sound super cool to me. I’ve written this out in the PDF I’ve put together for you, plus I’ve added an example that adds something small that he doesn’t do–putting the hi-hat on all the quarter notes.

It doesn’t sound like it should be that difficult, but playing paradiddles phrased as 16th note triplets, with a bass drum on every fourth note of every paradiddle and then adding the hi-hat on all the quarter notes with your left foot…..that’s a brain twister and real independence puzzle!! Anyway, that’s example #3 on the PDF.

OK, here’s the PDF of “Nasty Lick #126” for you to download: Chris Coleman Paradiddle Idea

And here’s the video. Go to 3:23.

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