6/8 Explorations with “Rhythm and Drumming Demystified” by Dave DiCenso

Dave DiCenso Rhythm and Drumming DemystifiedI’ve been working out of Dave DiCenso’s great book, “Rhythm and Drumming Demystified” (aka RADD). One of the sections of the book I’ve been delving into is “Lesson 19,” which features a great pattern: FRLF RLRL (easily also played as RLRL FRLF).

There are a lot of things I like about the book. One is that DiCenso will present a pattern without orchestration–forcing you to come up with your own ways of playing it on the drum set. Dave has a great method for coming up with orchestrations too. You can check his orchestration methodology and a lesson about this very same “Lesson 19” by watching the video below:

Now, having watched that video, you may find yourself excited! The ideas sound great, don’t they? And once you work on the ideas in Dave’s book using his method, you’ll find that you have a certain free feeling with them. That’s how I’m starting to feel about Example #3 in Lesson 19.

I’ve been going to some blues jams lately and I found that in 6/8 feels, I wanted more freedom to play some faster, denser fills. Enter “Lesson 19.” I set out to try to apply it to 6/8. The PDF presented here will detail 6 examples of ways to use Example #3 from Lesson 19 in 6/8. I’ve decided to give you my preferred orchestration. Here’s the PDF: 6/8 Explorations with “Lesson 19” from DiCenso’s RADD

Let me know how you fare with this stuff!

PS….I’m going to post a video on this soon…

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