Nasty Drum Lick #119 | Duh-Ga-Duh-Ga-Duh-Ga-DaaaaaH

Welcome back to the wonderful world of Nasty Drum Licks. Today we’re going to check out a really cool sounding idea that is based on 32nd notes. It combines double strokes or paradiddle-diddles with a hand foot pattern: FRLRLF. I got the idea for this from something that I heard Dave DiCenso play. There will be a video added soon, but for now, I promise that the PDF is worth checking out and working on.

Here is the PDF for you to download and take into the practice room: Nasty Lick 119

For those of you scratching your head about the title of this post, that’s the phonetic of what the first of half of example number one on the PDF sounds like to me. Check it out!

You’ve seen this idea on “The Drumming Blog” in other forms. Check out Nasty Lick #117 and Nasty Lick #115 for other versions of these patterns.

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