Philly Joe Jones: “Deep Night” transcription

Philly Joe Jones is one of my favorite jazz drumming soloists. In fact, he is one of my favorite jazz drummers period. He had everything: great groove (a killin’ ride cymbal beat….a perfect triplet phrase that created a swinging pocket), great chops (Buddy Rich asked Philly to be HIS drummer, when Buddy decided he wanted to step out in front of the drums and sing, so what does that tell you?), wonderfully musical phrasing in his solos (just check this solo out), super solid brushwork, artfully funky comping (i think that Philly Joe’s comping might just be the best of any jazz drummer ever….).

This one chorus drum solo, from Sonny Clarke’s album “Cool Struttin,” comes right after the piano solo on the tune “Deep Night,” and it is a favorite of mine. The solo has everything: great chops, phrases, pure jazz drumming vocabulary, cool licks, and it is a perfect 32 bars…..following the form of the tune exactly. You can download the pdf of the solo by clicking on the link here: Deep NightA great drum solo....transcribed note for note.

Go to Itunes and buy the song…..listen to Philly Joe play the solo, and hopefully get inspired. Then learn it! Feel free to ask questions…..