Onitsuka Tigers Are The Ultimate Drumming Shoes

AAC-OT-d109l-5309-0010121688-f-l-primary.png-800x600-solidI’ve written about drumming shoes before (see the post, “Drumming Shoes”). The Puma H-street was my sneaker of choice for drumming for quite some time. But it’s almost impossible to find them now. I had to find a different shoe.

The Serrano model of Onitsuka Tigers fit the bill perfectly. They’re light-weight with very thin soles, allowing you to “feel” the pedals with your feet. I love them. I miss my Puma H-Streets, but the Serranos are fantastic.

Don’t underestimate the importance of foot wear when you’re playing drum set. It can make a big difference in your foot technique. The Tigers look really cool too.

You can check out the selection of Onitsuka Tigers on their website: Onitsuka Tiger Website