5 Eric Moore Inspired Hi-Hat Ideas

Lately, I’ve been on an Eric Moore binge. He’s got a great groove and a lot of chops. If you don’t know him check him out.

He really makes good use of the hi-hat. That’s what I want to focus on in this post. There are a couple of little ideas I picked up on that I really like and I’ve been messing around with them in my practicing. These little hi-hat licks are truly just a tiny taste of what Eric Moore does, but they stuck out to me as some ideas I might be able to use.

That reminds me. When considering what to work on, “usefulness” is often how I decide. Can I use this in my playing? If there is no way I can ever use it, I will usually decide to take a pass on working on it. I have a little more freedom in this regard since I have my own band, but it’s something for you to consider when thinking about what to work on.

I’ve put the ideas in a PDF worksheet for you here: 5 Eric Moore inspired h-hat Ideas


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