Nasty Lick 39

A Great Lick, Courtesy of A Great Rock Drummer, Eric Singer

Here is a lick that I heard Eric Singer play with KISS. If you don’t know Eric Singer, check him out. A great drummer who is not as appreciated as he should be.

Presenting Nasty Lick #39

This is a variation on one of my favorite hand foot combos, RLRF. It will be easier to follow the video below when you look at the transcription, so why don’t you print it out so you can have a look. Here’s the PDF of Nasty Lick #39: CLICK HERE TO OPEN THE PDF of Nasty Lick 39


Got it? Good. Now, take a look at the video, below. After that, you should have all the tools you need to get this lick together. Have at it!