Introduction to the Hi-Hat Part One

Hi Everyone! Today we’re going to work on hi-hat technique. It’s not something I see the drum teaching community writing about or teaching much, but it is a very important skill for beginners that should not be overlooked.

In this lesson, I want to give you the tools to work on getting the hi-hat’s open sound. I also want you to be able to control where you place that open sound in the flow of your hi-hat playing and grooves.

Getting the classic open sound from the hi-hat, and having some control over placing it is trickier than it looks. It’s tricky because you have to move your cymbal hand downward as you move your hi-hat foot upward in order to get the sound. That’s a pretty weird combination of movements at first.

In order to help you work on this, I’ve made a PDF with 9 exercises and a video with me demonstrating the exercises at two different tempos. I think that you’ll have the information and guidance that you need with these two teaching aids. Here’s the PDF with the exercises: Intro to Hi-Hat Part 1

And here’s the video:

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