Want to Groove While Playing Clave?

I’ve been making my own clave exercises for years because I couldn’t find a lot of existing material that would help me. The one book that I did find helpful was Ignacio Berroa’s Groovin’ in Clave. Yes, I did borrow his title for the name of this post.

Since I’ve finally come to a point where I’m starting to feel like I have some control with clave independence, I wanted to:

1 Share a video that gives you a bit of a look at where I’m at with it playing-wise
2 Put all the links for my clave independence material in one place–here in this post.

So, first, the video.

And now the material/links to Clave Independence material here on this blog. The links below will give you everything I’ve written so far (as of this writing) on the topic. If you decide to dig into this, be prepared to spend some serious time on it. Patience will reward you…