This Proves That Drums Make You Happy!

I was just forwarded the link to this video this morning. I don’t know where this was filmed, but here is a wonderful, joyous video of a cute 3 year old boy playing along with “I Hate Myself For Loving You” by Joan Jett. Just look at the joy on this kid’s face. If you fast forward to about two and a half minutes in, you’ll be able to see the more expressive moments from little Howard’s performance.

This is what I love about drums. This is what I love about music. These moments are worth all the sweat, practice time and hard work that goes into becoming good at the instrument. Just look at the happiness and wonderment in little Howard’s face. This is why I do it. I know I sound like a cornball, but sorry, I can’t help it.

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I love the drums and hope you do too,
Mark Feldman