Clave Samba Independence Part 3.1

clave samba independence part three point oneHere’s an update to Clave Samba Independence Part 3.

I’ve been working through the original, Part 3, and I found that I would break the page down into two bar exercises that I’d repeat, and then start stringing them together. The original page looked too dense to me so I came up with 3.1, which I give you here.

The content is the same, but it’s broken down into bite sized pieces, and that makes it easier to digest as you practice. For me, that was helpful, because this material is difficult; the easier I can make it for myself, the better. In addition, the original Syncopation summary exercise pages are ten lines top to bottom with four bars on each line. This mimics that lay out, so if you decide to go back to Syncopation and work on this, the translation back and forth is “clean.” Eventually, you should be so good at playing clave with your right hand that you don’t need these exercises written out note for note; you should be able to go to Syncopation and lay the clave on top of the notation, just like you might when practicing other coordination with that book.

Here’s the PDF: Clave Samba Independence Part 3.1

Hope this helps some of you….