GearHead: Sonor’s Perfect Balance Bass Drum Pedal

It’s been a long time since I got really excited by a new piece of drum equipment. But I have to tell you, the new Jojo Mayer pedal has done it. I’m kind of freaking out about it.

I bought one today.

It makes my heel down playing feel effortless. Like butter. I honestly have never felt anything like it. So smooth.

My latest technique obsession is heel down playing—in particular, heel down doubles.

Heel down doubles have been driving me out of my mind for months.

But I believe that the Sonor Perfect Balance Bass Drum Pedal, designed by Jojo Mayer, might be the answer I was looking for.

Immediately—right out of the box, without making a single adjustment—this pedal allowed me to play doubles with my heel down faster than I’ve ever been able to before. And that made me really really happy and excited.

So happy and excited that it is now 4:00 AM as I pound the miniature keys on my blackberry (shut up….I know….yes, I STILL use a blackberry). Yes, I woke up in the middle of the night and started to write this. I also came up with a new way of playing one of my favorite drum licks….I just wrote that down.

What I’m saying is that this little piece of equipment has my creative juices flowing! I absolutely can not wait to get back to my practice space today and work on it some more.

Now, to be honest, there is one other test it has not passed. Will it work with my rock playing? I use a completely different foot technique (heel up) when I play rock, so it will be interesting to see how the pedal holds up in that scenario.

The good part is that I am really stoked to try it out at my MANCIE rehearsal tonight. My guess is that if I adjust the spring tension upward, it will do just fine.

I will let you know.

By the way, it also is the coolest looking pedal I have ever seen. Simply gorgeous. Like a little sports car for my bass drum foot.

Man, do I love the drums.