Nasty Lick #35

Nasty Lick #35 has arrived! To get us started, here is a video of me soloing, with heavy reliance on Nasty Lick #35. It’s the lick that I keep going back to again and again.

Cool! Now that we’ve seen and heard the lick, let me tell you a little about it. It was inspired by a triplet “roundhouse” pattern that I heard Buddy Rich play in the “At The Top” DVD. The pattern I’m playing is a combination of a left hand leading six stroke roll (LRRLLR) and some single strokes. The transcription of the entire solo you heard/saw above, is available for download here: PDF Transcription of Drum Solo Featuring Nasty Lick 35

Nasty Lick #35 is the lick I play at the very beginning of the solo. Initially, I play it three times (measures 1 – 3; the lick is one measure long). Then I play some jazz time and then I return to it again and play it four times (measures 12-15). Back to some more jazz time and then I play some jazz type phrases and return to the lick again, playing it four times…..(measures 26 through 29). I try to bring the solo to a climax by playing some combinations of left handed six stroke rolls mixed in with triplets played as LLR with the Rights accented (measures 33 through 39), and then, return to the lick one last time, playing it six times.

Besides wanting to show you how this lick can work in the context of a solo, part of what I want to convey here is that it is OK to repeat a phrase during a solo. If you have a great sounding phrase that works for you, feel free to repeat it. During this solo, I play Nasty Lick #35 seventeen times.

Now that you know where Nasty Lick #35 is in the first video, and you have a full transcription of the solo (with the exception of the time playing sections, which I did not feel were important to transcribe note for note), have a look at and listen to the video below, which breaks the lick down very slowly and shows you how to play it around the drums. Here it is:

OK, I think that’s all for now. Have fun with this one, and feel free to ask questions via the comments section.