Another Reverse Six Stroke Roll Idea

The “Reverse Six Stroke Roll” (LRRLLR) is very fertile ground for new ideas.

nasty lick 63 illustration
The latest in the Nasty Lick series, number 63, is another example of this in use. There are two exercises presented, one where the phrasing is very simple (see illustration above), and one that is a bit more syncopated. Once you get comfortable with both exercises, you should be able to mix the phrasing around as you wish.

The phrase is reminiscent of Gadd’s famous ratamacue lick (example #4 from BANG’s “7 Gadd Licks”), but for me, it’s easier to play.

The third example (labeled on the worksheet as “How to get ‘out'”) shows one of my favorite ways to end the idea and get back to a groove. Since my groove playing is generally led by my right hand and this soloing idea uses a left hand lead, this way of ending simply adds a bass drum so get my hands back to a right hand lead. You’ll get what I’m talking about when you have a look at the PDF, which is here: Nasty Lick 63.