Nasty Drum Lick 114

Here’s Nasty Drum Lick #114. It’s a five note grouping (RLRLF) applied to 16th note triplets. In this online drum lesson, we’ll look at a video of me playing the lick with my band, LEVEL5. There is also a complete note-for-note transcription of the lick so you can learn it.

I recommend that you print out the PDF so you can look at it while you check out the video. The video has two slow motion versions included in order to make it easier for you. In addition to the full speed version, there are 3/4 speed and half speed slow mo versions.

First, here is the PDF with the transcription: Nasty Lick 114

Now, here’s the video:

Check it all out, and please ask any questions in the comments section.

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