Nasty Drum Lick 112: A Cool Vinnie Colaiuta-ish Triplet Thang

Here I present to you an idea that combines some stuff I’ve heard Vinnie play with my own stuff. It’s simply a six-stroke roll with a little hand/foot combo thrown in. The way I like to use it has a “three-beat” kind of feel, which makes it sound cool and flowing.

I’m offering you both videos and a PDF transcription in this drum lesson, so you’ll have all the tools necessary to master this nice piece of drumming vocabulary. Ok, first up, check out the video at full speed (we’ll follow this with a slow-mo video too). Note that I play the lick at around :05 to :08 in the video and then just groove for a bit:

Now, here’s the slow-mo version:

Here’s the PDF with a note-for-note transcription: Nasty Drum Lick 112

That’s it! Check it out and feel free to let me know your thoughts!

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