Paradiddle Plus One: A Killer Drum Solo Vocabulary Idea

Recently I had a lesson with John Riley where we discussed soloing. The creation of vocabulary was a big part of the talk. There was a notion of efficiency in how one works on stuff–which I realized is extremely important, but I want to save that for later because it deserves its own entire post.

Taking his advice, I started coming up with ideas. And this one–I’m calling it “Paradiddle Plus One”–is so simple but sounds so great that I had to share it with you.

Just take a single bass drum note and follow it with a paradiddle. That’s it. Start with a bass drum note, follow that with a right-handed paradiddle, add another bass drum and follow that with a left-handed paradiddle. Repeat.

This pattern (aka “Nasty Lick #127”) has so many possible orchestrations and sounds great in many different rhythmic metrics. I’ve only really scratched the surface on the worksheet I’m providing you as a PDF here: Paradiddle Plus One

As always, take my material as a starting point. I’m sure there are many more variations on orchestrations or rhythmic ideas that you can apply to this pattern…have at it! Feel free to email me and let me know what you think.

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