Paradiddle Workout 1

This 10 measure exercise is wall-to-wall sixteenth note triplets–with accents–and it should help you build fluidity with paradiddles, paradiddle-diddles, six-stroke rolls, double paradiddles and some interesting variations on them. It will test your ability to lead with either your right or left hand, but just for fun, the exercise begins with left-hand lead.

Below is just one of the ten bars, so you can have a look before deciding whether to click through to the PDF:

I love playing triplets using these kinds of stickings and I’ve spent some time working on my flow and improvising with ideas like these. I think that is the goal; to be able to improvise with triplets and use these types of ideas fluidly.

There is a lot in these ten short bars, so feel free to explore them on the drum set as well. In particular, the left-hand lead stickings will allow you to play some very different sounding ideas on your drum set.

Here’s the PDF: Paradiddle Workout 1