Pattern Control for Drumset: 3 Up / 2 Down as 32nd Notes

“Pattern Control” is a concept that I’ve been into for a while. When I take an idea and write it out continuously until it resolves back to the beginning of the pattern, I learn a lot about how to best use it.

Looking at drumming ideas in this way has become an important part of how I work on new vocabulary and integrate it into my playing.

This time, we’re going to further explore an idea I first wrote about in “Nasty Lick #108,” which is simply a five note pattern where the hands play three notes and the feet play two. I love how this pattern sounds as 32nd notes, and really like the orchestrations in “Nasty Lick “108.”

Here is the PDF: Pattern Control: 3 Up/2 Down as 32nd Notes

So, how do you use this information? Look at the PDF and simply choose the phrases that you like and that you think will be the most useful in your playing. Mess around with the sticking ideas (bottom of the PDF) and try different orchestrations. Work on being able to play this material while counting the sixteenth note grid beneath it. Try playing quarter notes on the hi-hat with your left foot while playing the pattern. Play the bass drum part with double bass or split the two notes up between your hi hat and bass drum. Write your own pattern control sheet only use 16th note triplets as the grid.

Etc…Dig in!! Experiment. Let me know what you find…

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